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The meeting of the director of the city's public resources trading center was held


35On the same day, the Municipal Trading Center organized a meeting of directors of the municipal public resources trading Center to summarize the reform experience and innovation achievements of the exchange platform, study the existing problems and difficulties, and promote the integrated and coordinated development of the city。

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the provincial public resource trading and government procurement system work conference;Sum up2023Annual public resource transaction and government procurement work in the city;This paper introduces the main practices of the municipal trading center on strengthening the quality management of tender agent service and establishing the mediation mechanism of government procurement questioning。Jingzhou District, Shashi District, Jiangling County, Songzi City, Gong 'an County, Shishou City,Jianli City, Honghu City, etc8The leaders of the county and urban trading centers made exchanges and speeches on "mechanism and system construction, optimizing the business environment, innovating transaction methods, strengthening transaction witness, and improving transaction services"。


The meeting noted that2023年,Jingzhou, county two level trading centerFocusing on the work goal of "strong quality, excellent service, and improved quality and efficiency", we continue to make efforts in comprehensively deepening reform, continue to work hard in stabilizing the growth of an excellent environment, fully realize the effective improvement of the quality and steady growth of the volume of transaction procurement, and successfully complete various tasks

As requested by the meeting,2024年,The city's centers at all levels should follow the general requirements of "insisting on seeking progress in stability and promoting stability with progress",To carry out the transaction procurement services "quality and efficiency year" activities as a starting point,We will strengthen communication and collaboration and build synergy,Continue to promote the "Jingyi, Jingxin, Jingdong" three major reforms,Make every effort to build a "Thorn card" of public resource trading,To contribute to the city's economic and social high-quality development of trading force。

All the team members of the center, the heads of each department, and the main heads of the county (city, district) center attended the meeting。


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