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The Center held a meeting of all cadres and staff and a mobilization meeting for the Annual activity of improving the quality and efficiency of transaction procurement services

218On the first working day after the Spring Festival, the trading Center held a meeting of all cadres and staff and a mobilization meeting of the "Year of Improving Quality and Efficiency" of trading procurement services。


The meeting focused on learning the implementation plan of the transaction procurement service "Year of Improving quality and Efficiency" and read out2024Key points of public resources trading in Jingzhou City, clear task responsibility departments, time nodes and completion effects。

Meeting requirements, one to take a holiday, blow the spring gathering number。After the Spring Festival, cadres and employees should quickly adjust their status and devote themselves to their work。Second, we must work together to take the important bridgehead。The heads of various departments take the lead in discipline, grasp tasks, and work together to overcome difficulties。Third, we must work with one heart and mind to fight a good opening of the active war。Style determines success or failure, cadres and staff should comply with the requirements of the system, to be careful to start, careful, careful, the bottom line thinking is always implemented。

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to tackle difficulties in a more pragmatic style, do business, and achieve quality and efficiency improvement of transaction procurement services。Be of one mind in learning,Consolidate and expand the achievements of thematic education,Further consolidate the solid foundation of unity and struggle;Answer questions together in the race to the top,Establish the consciousness of striving for excellence,Continuously improve the level of business;Share responsibility in the attack project,Clear responsibilities, solidarity and cooperation,To ensure the smooth progress of tasks;In the change of style in the same direction,Consciously resist undesirable practices,Continue to promote the construction of style;Co-frequency resonance in the aggregate force,Strengthen internal communication,Enhance unity and coordination,Form working force。

At the beginning of the New Year, everything is new, and the long wind is mighty。The Center will take the "Year of Quality and Efficiency Improvement" of transaction procurement services as an opportunity to create a new situation in the development of transaction procurement with a more pragmatic style and a more ambitious morale。

All cadres and staff of the center attended the meeting。


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