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Jingzhou City to carry out the project bidding agency staff training and assessment

In order to further regulate the behavior of bidding agents and effectively enhance the professional ability and policy level of the employees of agency agencies,1226Jingzhou Public Resources Trading Center organized the training and assessment of the employees of the city's project bidding agencies。

The meeting informed the recent three types of market entities wrong behavior;Interprets the "Jingzhou Bidding Agent Approach Service Management Measures (Trial)";The experts of the provincial trading (procurement) center and the software company made a specific analysis of the key points, difficulties, error-prone points and the operation process of the business system and answered questions on the spot。


This training is divided into four phases, taking the combination of offline teaching and online assessment, involving those who have registered for "call code" on the Jingzhou electronic trading platform148A bidding agency,460More than practitioners。After the training, participants need to log in to the "Jingzhou Transaction Procurement" public account to complete the online answer, the test results will be synchronized into the "call code"。

下步,Jingzhou Public Resources Trading Center will conduct regular business training for review experts and relevant personnel of departments and units,Continue to deepen the understanding and grasp of the relevant laws, regulations, policies, business processes and operational skills of public resources trading practitioners in the field of public resources trading,Further enrich the theoretical knowledge,Develop working ideas,Improve business skills,Make every effort to build a "Thorn card" of public resource trading。


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