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Jingmen public resources trading center came to our city for exchange and inspection

1219Sunday afternoon, Jingmen City public resources trading Center Party secretary, director of Zou Rougui line15People come to my center to study。


The investigation team visited the reception service area, bid opening and evaluation area, monitoring room, expert extraction room and owner witness room and other functional areas, and then carried out work exchanges。


At the symposium, the main person in charge of the center introduced the overall situation of the center's development history, main responsibilities, awards and honors;The heads of relevant departments introduced in detail this year's featured highlights, the "tripartite" joint witness mechanism and the procurement process of the government procurement framework agreement。The two sides had in-depth exchanges on the implementation of the "progress must be made" to improve quality and efficiency, improve the credit system, and accelerate information construction。


    The investigation team believes that the city's public resource trading related business indicators are ranked the first square array in the province all the year round, and the standardization of transactions, digital construction and innovation work initiatives have a wide range of ideas and practical measures, and we should earnestly learn from and apply。The two sides indicated that the two centers should further strengthen exchanges and interactions, build a cooperation mechanism with platform connectivity, complementary functions and mutually beneficial results, and jointly promote the high-quality development of public resource trading。

Leaders of the center and relevant departments participated in the discussion。



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