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Jingzhou Local Railway Co., Ltd. purchase P60 steel rail project inquiry announcement

Jingzhou Local Railway Co., Ltd. purchased P60 rail project

Inquiry announcement

Project Number:C24045


Jingzhou Local Railway Co., Ltd. purchased P60 steel rail, the purchaser is Jingzhou Local Railway Co., LTD., the procurement agent is Jingzhou Guoxin Property Rights Trading Center Co., LTD., now the public inquiry for the project。

  1. Project requirements:

1、 Quantity: 140 pieces, total weight about 210 tons。

2、 Specification Model: 60N U75V hot rolled rail。25M/根

3、 Rail standards meet the iron standard, and provide CRCC railway product certification or trial certificate。

Ii. Performance requirements:

1、 Rail unit price includes tax (13% VAT), including freight。

2、 Mode of transport: Rail transport。

3、 Rail arrival: Tuanlinpu station, Jingzhou Local Railway Co., LTD。

4、 Rail unloading: Unloading is organized by the buyer。

5、 Rail bogie return: The winning bidder is responsible for the rail bogie return。

6、 Delivery time: within 1 month after signing the contract, the goods shall be supplied according to the requirements of the tenderer。

7、 Payment method: After all the rails are delivered to the station, the bidder shall issue the invoice within 20 working days to pay the full amount。

8、 Performance bond: The bidder shall pay performance bond at 5% of the total bid amount before signing the contract。

9、 Performance bond refund time: All the rails are delivered to the station within 20 working days, one-time refund, without interest。

11The rail warranty period is five years。

12Agent service fee: Before the contract is signed between the actual supplier and the purchaser, the actual supplier shall pay to Jingzhou Guoxin Property Rights Trading Center Co., LTD. (The payment standard shall be executed by referring to the National Development Planning Commission's calculation price No. 20021980)。

Third, the project price limit:1,200,000.00元。

Iv. Inquiry time:202432810时00

5. Inquiry place:Jingzhou Guoxin property rights Trading Center Co., LTD. Multi-function hall

Vi. Quotation requirements:

1 The quotation document shall be made in duplicate (bound in one copy, unbound in one copy) and sealed. All quotation documents and seals shall be stamped with official seal。(The quotation file format can be downloaded in the attachment to this announcement)

2.1 1. An enterprise registered in China and with independent legal personality shall have a valid "three-in-one" business license。

2.2 2, have the qualification of operating railway equipment (provide relevant certificates), have a good business reputation and sound financial accounting system (provide statement)。

2.3The bidder has no record of dishonesty in the past three years and provides screenshots of the "Credit China" website。

Vii. Inquiry Method:

1 The purchasing agency shall conduct qualification examination on the bidders according to the requirements of the project。

2 According to all the requirements of the quotation from the lowest to the highest price inquiry report to the purchaser。

3 The purchaser determines the substantive procedure on the basis of the inquiry report。

4, if the offer is consistent, to determine the high and low order in the field lottery。

5 Suppliers are requested to bring the above information to the inquiry meeting on time, and suppliers in different places can submit the quotation documents by mail if they provide the relevant declaration letter。

8. Contact information

Person: Jingzhou Local Railway Co., LTD 

   Address: Sanwan Road, Shashi District, Jingzhou City     

人:张            话:18071883819        

Bidding agency: Jingzhou Guoxin Property Rights Trading Center Co., LTD 

Address: Longyuan, Chutian City, Taqiao North Road, Shashi District, Jingzhou City22号楼3

Person: Manager Liu          话:0716-4088511




                                   March 18, 2024

附件:Annex I quotation format table.docx

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