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Jingzhou Local Railway Co., Ltd. DF8B0279 diesel locomotive diesel unit repair project inquiry announcement

Jingzhou local railway Co., LTD

DF8B0279Middle repair project of diesel locomotive diesel unit

Inquiry announcement

Project Number:C24043

Jingzhou local railway Co., LTDDF8B0279Since the locomotive was newly purchased in May 2020, it has been running for nearly four years as the main locomotive, and the traveling kilometers have reached 40 At present, the diesel engine combustion condition of the car is poor, and the diesel oil consumption is large (serious oil burning), red exhaust pipe and other bad conditions。Now DF8B0279Public inquiry for middle repair of diesel locomotive units。

  1. Project requirements:

1.Inquiry range: DF8B0279Full content of in-process repair requirements for diesel locomotive units (see annex)

2.Service period: 25 days

3.Place of implementation: Delivery to the plant with maintenance capacity

4. Service promise: All cylinder heads, cylinder liner, piston replacement

5.Quality standards: Repair and acceptance shall be carried out according to DF8B diesel locomotive section Repair Regulations, and shall meet the requirements of the contract and technical agreement

Ii. Performance requirements:

Warranty period and repair service:

After intermediate repair, under normal operation and maintenance, the repair party shall unconditionally implement the provisions of quality guarantee scope and guarantee time。

The scope and time of the warranty for the important parts of the middle repair quality of diesel locomotive diesel unit are as follows:

1. Within 1 year from the date of delivery:

1.1 Diesel engine body does not crack。

1.2 The crankshaft and camshaft do not break。

1.3 The main bearing and connecting rod bolts do not break, and the main shaft and connecting rod tile do not grind。

1.4 Stable pressure box does not leak。

1.5 Diesel engine valve gear, bearing, pump transmission gear and shaft do not break, damage。

1.6 Diesel engine output end elastic shaft joint, free end oil seal does not leak。

2.Within 6 months from the date of delivery:

2.1 The supercharger shell does not break, and the rotor does not fixate。

2.2 Diesel engine cylinder head, cylinder liner is not cracked, the valve seat is not loose, the valve is not damaged。

2.3 The main generator does not have grounding or ring fire faults。

3.For items other than those specified above, a minor repair period (6 months) must be guaranteed.。

If any quality problem occurs during the use of the locomotive, the contractor shall provide technical services in time。After the notice is issued, the reply should be given within 24 hours, and according to the need, the maintenance service should be arrived at the scene within 48 hours。

Third, the project price limit:700,000.00元。

Iv. Inquiry time:202432510

5. Inquiry place:Jingzhou Guoxin property rights Trading Center Co., LTD. Multi-function hall

Vi. Quotation requirements:

1.The quotation document shall be made in duplicate (bound in one copy, unbound in one copy) and sealed. All quotation documents and seals shall be stamped with official seal。(The quotation file format can be downloaded in the attachment to this announcement)

2.Must be registered in the People's Republic of China and hold a valid business license。

3.Must have railway locomotive maintenance, commissioning experience and ability, with diesel locomotive repair performance, provide clear copies of the contract。

4.Must have ISO9000 national standard quality management system certification, ISO22163 international railway industry quality management system certification (provide a copy of the certificate with the official seal)

5.The bidder shall not be included in the list of persons subject to enforcement for breach of trust or seriously illegal and dishonest enterprises。Provide screenshots of the bidder's "untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement" query result page or credit information report on the "Credit China" website or credit information sharing platform at all levels, as well as screenshots of the bidder's "List of seriously illegal and untrustworthy enterprises" query result page on the "National Enterprise credit Information Publicity System" website。    

Vii. Inquiry Method:

1.The purchasing agency shall conduct qualification examination on the bidders according to the requirements of the project。

2.According to all the requirements of the quotation from the lowest to the highest price inquiry report to the purchaser。

3.The purchaser determines the substantive procedure on the basis of the inquiry report。

4.If the offer is consistent, determine the order of high and low by lottery on site。

5.Suppliers are requested to bring the above information to the inquiry meeting on time, and suppliers in different places can submit the quotation documents by mail if they provide the relevant declaration letter (the declaration letter is submitted separately).。

Viii. Agency service fee:

Before the actual transaction supplier and the purchaser sign the contract, the actual transaction supplier shall pay to Jingzhou Guoxin Property Rights Trading Center Co., LTD. (The payment standard shall be executed according to the National Development Planning Commission Price No. 20021980)。

9. Contact information

 Person: Jingzhou Local Railway Co., LTD 

   Address: Sanwan Road, Shashi District, Jingzhou City     

Man: Lu Xinquan         话:0716-4108803        

Purchasing Agency: Jingzhou Guoxin Property Rights Trading Center Co., LTD 

Address: Longyuan, Chutian City, Taqiao North Road, Shashi District, Jingzhou City22号楼3

Person: Manager Liu          话:0716-4088511




                                   March 15, 2024       

附件:Annex I quotation format table.docx

附件:Annex II intermediate repair requirements.docx

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