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E DB139 police, E DB137 police

Bidding announcement

Commissioned by Jingzhou Guoxin Property Rights Trading Center Co., Ltd. for the following official vehicles in Jingzhou property rights trading network (, Taobao ( open disposal in the way of network bidding, welcome qualified units and individuals to sign up for bidding。The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

1. Bidder Qualification:Natural persons with full capacity for civil conduct and legal persons or other organizations lawfully existing in China may participate in the bidding。

Ii. Bid object:E DB139 Buick SGM7162TATB small car, E DB137 Chevrolet SGM7169TATB small carThis disposal of vehicles does not contain license plates。

Third, the way to participate in bidding: Registration and bidding are carried out through the Internet, bidders please log in Jingzhou property rights trading website, Taobao page, view the vehicle details, select the vehicle to bid, in accordance with the "Online bidding Rules and Instructions" online bidding procedures to register and participate in the bidding。Please register a Taobao account and complete Alipay real-name authentication before signing up for the auction. If you are a registered Taobao user and have real-name authentication, you do not need to register and authenticate。Please read the Online Bidding Rules and Instructions carefully before participating in the bidding.。

Iv. Deposit payment method:The bidding deposit shall be paid by car. The bidding deposit for each car shall be RMB 10,000 yuan. After successful bidding, the bidding deposit shall be automatically converted into the transfer deposit. The payment of the deposit shall be made online according to the instructions on the online bidding page。

5. Time limit for announcementFrom March 12, 2024 to March 25, 2024。

6. Online bidding time:The free bidding cycle is from 8 o 'clock on March 26, 2024 to 17 o 'clock on March 26, 2024, for a total of 9 hours。If there are new offers within 5 minutes before the end of the free bidding cycle, the delayed bidding will be started, and the delay will be 5 minutes each time。       

7. Vehicle display:

 Exhibition time: From 9:00-17:00 on March 25, 2024。A special person is responsible for receiving and looking at the car during the exhibition。

Address: Jiangling County Hao point Town Longyuan Road No. 3。

 8. Handle vehicle transaction confirmation and transfer procedures:

The buyer of the bidding transaction should go to the vehicle display venue on March 27, 2024 to complete the transaction confirmation procedures, pay the transaction price and related fees on the spot, hand over the transfer information and vehicles, and handle the vehicle transfer and other matters by the buyer himself, and refund the transfer deposit without interest within 5 working days after the completion of the transfer procedures。The processing time is9:00时—17:30时Please make sure that the buyer comes before the specified time to handle, so as not to cause breach of contract。

Ix. Please refer to the Jingzhou Property Rights Transaction network www for the information, available for download。

10. Bidding consultation telephone:

Telephone consultation time: 9:00 am - 17:30 PM on weekdays during the announcement and bidding period

Telephone: 0716-4088513, 13227652000 Manager Li   

11, network technology consulting telephone:

Taobao consulting phone: 400-822-2870;Alipay: 95188

Note: The vehicle condition and related information are subject to the data officially published on the website of Jingzhou Guoxin Property Rights Trading Center Co., LTD。


Jingzhou Guoxin property rights Trading Center Co., LTD

                                          March 12, 2024


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