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WG (2023) No. 021, 022 Announcement of termination of online listing transfer of the right to use State-owned construction land

Jingzhou Natural resources and planning Bureau

The right to use state-owned construction land is listed and sold online

Notice of termination


2023920The Jingzhou Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning published it on the Jingzhou Evening News, the China Land Market website, the Jingzhou Public Resources Trading Information website and the website of the Jingzhou Bureau of Natural Resources and PlanningWG2023021号、WG2023022A total of two land online listing transfer announcement, to carry out online listing trading activities of state-owned construction land use rights。Now, due to the needs of the work, after research,终止Online trading activities in the above two locations。After the reason for the termination of the transaction is eliminated, our bureau will re-organize the land transaction, please pay attention。

Hereby announce。



                      Jingzhou Natural resources and planning Bureau


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