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Jiangling County housing development center south Ring Road state-owned public housing maintenance and renovation project competitive consultation notice correction

I. Basic information of the project

1. The procurement item number of the original announcement:JLX-202401-FS005

2. The original announcement of the procurement project name:Nanhuan Road state-owned public house maintenance and renovation project

3. Date of First Announcement:January 04, 2024 

4. This project (yes/No) is specifically for Msmes:

2. Correct information

1. Corrections:□ Procurement Announcement √ Procurement documents □ Procurement results

2. Correction: All potential bidders are requested to download the drawing。

3. Correction date: January 09, 2024

And other supplementary matters

Information release media: Hubei Government procurement network, Jiangling County government procurement electronic trading system

If you have any questions about the content of this announcement, please contact us as follows

1.Purchaser's information

名 称:Jiangling County housing development center  

地 址:Zhongxing Road, Haoxue town, Jiangling County  

Contact information:18120340104  

2.Purchasing agency information

Name: Jingzhou Dongshengyuan Engineering Consulting Co., LTD

Add: D118, Building C9, Olin Garden Community, Jiangling Avenue, Haoxue Town, Jiangling County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province

Contact us: 0716-4720277 

3.Project contact information

Project contact:Wang Junfei  

电 话:0716-4720277  

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