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Announcement on Correction of competitive consultation on the preparation of feasibility study report of Shugang Road North Extension Road and supporting Engineering of Jiangling County, Hubei Jiangling Economic Development Zone Management Committee (second)

I. Basic information of the project

1. The procurement item number of the original announcement:JLX-202312-FS003(2)

2. The original announcement of the procurement project name:Jiangling County Shugang Road North extension Road and supporting engineering feasibility study report preparation service (secondary)

3. Date of First Announcement:December 20, 2023 

4. This project (yes/No) is specifically for Msmes:

2. Correct information

1. Corrections:□ Procurement Announcement √ Procurement documents □ Procurement results

2. Correction: Contents of the original procurement document Deadline for response documents: 14:30, January 2, 2023 (Beijing Time) It is now corrected to 14:30 on January 2, 2024 (Beijing time). Other contents remain unchanged. The corrected procurement document has been uploaded. Please download the procurement document in time for potential suppliers。

3. Date corrected: December 29, 2023

And other supplementary matters


If you have any questions about the content of this announcement, please contact us as follows

1.Purchaser's information

名 称:Hubei Jiangling Economic Development Zone Management Committee  

地 址:No. 197, Jiangling Road, Haoxue Town, Jiangling County  

Contact information:0716-4730732  

2.Purchasing agency information

Name: Jingzhou Jinxin Engineering Consulting Co., LTD

Add: No.12 West Zhangjiaao Lane, Xianhe Road, Haoxue Town, Jiangling County, Hubei Province, China

Contact us: 0716-4727898 

3.Project contact information

Project contact:张清  

电 话:0716-4727898  

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