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[Jingzhou Level Center] Announcement on the construction of 2022 Longhua Village Quality Improvement (Dry water Transformation) Project in Michi Town, Jingzhou District (Project No. JZSJ-202403SL-011)
Set up a single location (or tenderer) Jingzhou Natural resources and planning Bureau Jingzhou district branch
The name of the item is 2022 Jinzhou District Michi Longhua Village quality improvement (dry water transformation) project
Item number
Item site point Longhua village, Michi town, Jingzhou District
Construction (bidding) content Land consolidation and quality improvement were carried out in Longhua Village, Michi Town, Jingzhou District. Details were subject to the bill of quantities
Total investment (ten thousand yuan) 1715.99
Project approval number Jing Natural Resources grant [2023] No. 20
Registration completion time 2024/03/14
Planned tender time 2024/03/14
Contact person Wan Qiliang
Contact number 13997625552

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