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Mobile version CA (Standard Pass) handling guide
一、Applicable object

Bid inviter, bidding agency, bidder




三、Certificate application

Step 1: Verification code, account password login

Open for the first time users of the new Dot PassAfter the app,Enter the mobile phone number, click [obtain verification code], enter the correct verification code, and complete the registration after the verification is successful,登录The app is successful, see the picture below;




)、Step 2: Real-name authentication

Account for the first loginClick the "real name authentication" button in the "My" page at the bottom of the home page,进行Real-name authentication, as shown in the following figure。

)、Step 3: Apply证书

After real-name authenticationClick [Certificate Management] at the top of the home page to jump to [Figure]2】, click [Add],Fill in relevant information

(If there is an entityCAThe lock can be obtained by physical lock (including expired lock)200Yuan coupon, do the lock only150元。Manual link:

)、Step 4: Download the certificate

The first time to apply for a certificate, and wasCA companyPass the examinationAfter that, the user can click【欧洲杯压球】Button, jump to the message page, proceedCertificate downloadOperation, as shown in the following figure。



Mobile phone versionCASupport traditionCA所有Features, includingScanning code login, scanning code signature, scanning code bid generation and scanning code decryption等。

五、Certificate urgent review phone (can be issued within one hour at the earliest)

Expedited reviewContact number:4009980000;

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